Pronto: Script Coverage (Feature)


Receive feedback/coverage for your FEATURE LENGTH screenplay. The Film Club of America is offering this service to our members so that you can have confidence in your writing. Feedback normally takes 3-5 days. Price is charge per screenplay uploaded, so be careful multiple reads of the same story can get expensive. Buy completing purchase you will agree to the terms of this service.



What to Expect

You will receive a page of detailed script coverage on the first 10 pages of your screenplay. Availability is on a first-come basis and delivery is approximately 3-5 business days. You’ll get email instructions on how to upload your screenplay after receipt of payment. Also, if you are not pleased after the first 10 pages of feedback, you receive a FULL REFUND.

Lastly, read more about this service by clicking here. Do worry, the link will bring you back here.