Film Processing and Scanning


Develop and Scan your motion picture film. Send us your roll/cartridge and a hard drive. We’ll take care of the rest. All orders fulfilled by Spectra Film and Video.

For the purchase price process and scan:

  • 200′ of 35mm
  • 100′ of 16mm 
  • 50′ of super 8


All our film processing & scans are done one professional full resolution scanners. All pixels come directly from the film’s negative. We do not apply any resolution up-scaling nor interpolation using consumer-grade scanners.

Remember to package you film and hard drive (HDD) for receipt.

Ship to us with you purchase your cartridge/roll of film. Don’t forget to send us a hard drive (USB 3.0) with enough space on it to store the scanned media of your film. We recommend a 500GB to 1TB hard drive.

Acceptable stocks for film processing and scanning;

  • Kodak VISION3 50D
  • Kodak VISION3 250D
  • Kodak VISION3 200T
  • Kodak VISION3 200T
  • Ektachrome 100D
  • Tri-X Black & White
  • Eastman Double-X

No Censorship: We want our clients to shoot with total creative freedom without concern over outside vendor policies. You should be the only one to judge your project content!  We therefore do not censor, restrict or edit any client content! We keep client projects confidential!

Scan 200′ of 35mm, 100′ of 16mm or 50′ of super 8 without paying big minimums!  

We now offer true RGB Hi-Definition SCANITY and Spirit Data-cine scans complete with multi-tier Da-Vinci digital color correction for the very best in professional film transfer technology.

All orders are fulfilled by Spectra Film and Video.

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Processing and Scanning

Super8, 16mm 100', 16mm 400'


1920 x 1080

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