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The Film Club of America blog now accepts and welcomes guest articles.

Type of Content We Are Looking For.

Our aim with this blog is making it a great resource for people working with or experimenting with filmmaking… be it beginners, or people who have just gotten their first camera  or their first roll of reversal film.

Every topic we run has to be of interest to our readers and provide some direct context to our mission with this blog. If you think you can muster up an article, post or resource like that, then you’re just the person we’re looking for!

Here are some quirks:

Shopping guides, tutorials, quick how-to posts … they’re all good as long as they make reference to the craft of filmmaking.

Make sure your content is original or offers educational insights into a published work. We don’t like getting inundated with copyright suits. So don’t speak on the behalf content you do not clearly own. That applies to the visual elements of your posts as well. Remember, be safe by citing your sources. The article CANNOT appear anywhere else on the web.

Please be mindful that our users are keen to visual elements which enhance your text. Try to add some pictures and artwork to make important parts of your content stick out. If you’d like to, use a video to reinforce your subject matter.

We cannot emphasize this enough. Just be hyper vigilant. If you think your are in the grey area of plagiarism, research your topic thoroughly. When in doubt, cite your source.

We offer awards for premium content if readers are really interacting with your posts. Not to mention, we screen our contributors for immediate promotion into the Film Club. And sometimes we give away merch and free film stock. These instances are extremely rare, because we are a non-profit. Yet, we try to show our appreciation as much as we can. You can also use this platform to promote whatever projects or products you may want to introduce to our readers (as long as it relates to filmmaking).

Technical Requirements

  • 1000+ words, please.
  • Images, images, images!
  • Detail subject matter by using examples and cross referencing other content or ideas.
  • Internal links to other content on our sites (that way we know you care).
  • If an expression or piece of advice sounds obvious, delete it.
  • Provide headings and subheadings.

You get to include a URL link to your website in the bio box – just one such link. No keyword-optimized links allowed. Example:

Note. The Film Club of America retains the copyright of every original post which is FUNDED and/or PAID FOR, that is to be published on our site(s).

If paid-content is approved, you waive your rights of authorship to the Film Club of America and you cannot re-publish the work elsewhere without citation and or permission the Film Club of America.

Waiting Time

We read through every single submission. If you send it, we’ll read it! And you’ll get a response too. However:

  • It may take 1-2 weeks before we get to your submission.
  • Please wait at least 2 weeks before re-submitting.
  • Our publication schedule tends to be long. You may have to wait several months to get your work published. That being said, if we love your article, we might rush it through the schedule to post within a week of reviewing it.

Use the word “Zissou” somewhere in your pitch. That way, we know you’ve read the guidelines. We’re doing Ctrl+F on all submissions, so if the word isn’t found, you may not receive a response from us.

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