Script and Story Coverage Service

How does it work?

  • Start by filling out our submission form.
  • Once you finish the form, upload your script (we read in .pdf’s).
  • The first tens pages are always free of charge*.
  • Review your feedback and decide if you’d like us to finish your script?

Is my script protected?

Technically, yes. You should know that all work submitted will be timestamps, via your submission form. All participants, scriptwriters and readers alike, opt-in to a N.D.A. (non-disclosure agreement) before engaging in services. This will be done via a check box on your submission form. We do this to protect your work.

If you still feel sketchy about submitting your work, we recommend applying for a copyright through the United States Copyright Office.

How long does the feedback take to receive?

Ideally, we aims to complete feedback in 3-5 business days. So, make an effort to submit before the weekend. In rare cases, in which our submission inbox is full, the process can take longer. But we will. definitely let you know if that is the case.

Can we video conference?

Sure, if you’d like to talk to a reader. We use facebook messenger to schedule live chats, and in those chat’s you can text, voice call, or video call. We are all for it. #likeourFBpage

Who is reading my script?

Our readers are knowledgeable in script format, narrative structure, character development, and basic film production. The Film Club looks for people who lack ego, and choose to make sense out of your plot and characters.

The goal of the reader is to find the story you wrote, not the one they want to see.

“It’s that simple!”

Recommended Reading List

These books have helped hundreds of writers improved on their abilities. These recommendations are not our direct endorsement, so make this selection with your own due diligence.

Try to select works that focused on building your general understanding of story structure, without neglecting the necessity to write dynamic characters.

Using those links is another great way to support the FCA and our programs.

Also, those are affiliate links. If you buy from those links, it goes directly to an Amazon page. When you buy Amazon doesn’t get all the cash from sale. They pay a commission to the Film Club of America, and we put that money right back in programs like this.

So, do one of those books for that reason alone.