Are you a master of pure cinema?

The Film Club of America is hosting a contest to see if you have picked up on Kuleshov’s theories. These theories are practically featured in all work of motion picture filmmaking. Show us that you understand the theories of Kuleshov Effect and Creative Geometry at a high creative level, and we’ll reward you $500 for your efforts.

All that you have to do is, submit a completed entry form, like us on our social media profiles, and buy some film stock. Why film? We wanted to keep the aesthetic of the 1900’s. They didn’t have the luxuries of digital technology, so you don’t get it either. We will be verifying the authenticity your work. Good luck.

On Lev Kuleshov

Kuleshov started out in filmmaking by painting scenes for an independent film company. As his interest in film theory grew, he began making his own movies under patronage of the soviet union. He covered the Russian Civil War, before teaching heading the first soviet film courses in their National Film School.

His theories focused on what Kuleshov believed the fundamental of filmmaking to be. This was film editing. He would cut a shot of a performing artist with another meaningful shot. The principle is known as Kuleshov Effect. It isn’t complicated, but back then it blew minds.

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It would be wise for you to brush up on your film theory. Focus on Lev Kuleshov’s experiments (Kuleshov Effect & Creative Geometry).

The FCA believes that they are 3-levels to filmmaking. Hobbyist, Amatuers, and Professionals. We are looking for those filmmakers who can exhibit their style and storytelling abilities using production design principles, cinematographic technique, and character performance.

However, the project shouldn’t extend past 2 minutes to demonstrate a mastery of Kuleshov’s theories. Don’t overthink it.

It is simply a shot of an actor/actress, a reverse of a stimuli (to convey some detail about the actor’s character). It can be funny, sad, or any mix in between. Don’t forget about the theory of Creative Geometry, either.

Bask these ideas in a symphony of beautiful style, and chances are you will win.

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Order your film

If you need assistance on shooting film and where to find processing service, we will be communicating that information on our facebook page. Please check our facebook group (F*ck Yeah! Film Club) for updates or email us.

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Remember to like and subscribe to the FCA on Social.

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