are you a master of pure cinema?

The Film Club of America is hosting a contest to see if you have picked up on Kuleshov’s theories. These theories are practically featured in all work of motion picture film making. Show us that you understand the theories of Kuleshov Effect and Creative Geography at a high creative level, and we’ll reward you for your efforts.

  • can you demonstrate the Kuleshov effect on a single roll of super 8mm?
  • do you understand the principles  of creative geometry?
  • can you film a montage with each press of your camera’s trigger?
  • can you tell a dramatic narrative using theories of cinematic grammar?
  • screen your film and receive awards and badges from the film club of america.

The Kuleshov film fest is open to anyone who’s prepared to test their understanding of narrative film making principles.

*every film gets screened – no matter how it comes out. take your time and tell your story.


All that you have to do is, submit a completed entry form, and buy some film stock. Why film? We wanted to keep the aesthetic of the 1900’s. They didn’t have the luxuries of digital technology, so you don’t get it either. We will be verifying the authenticity your work. Good luck.

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commit to the challenge - learn about lev kuleshov's techniques - only on our website

the kuleshov film fest is a study in technique- not like a regular film festival. you’re going to make a new film for your KFF entry. confirm your place by clicking the “enter” button. there are different prices for different film delivery deadlines. and there are limited places for each deadline, so grab the one asap. extensions might be able to be purchased later but once you pay the entry fee, there’s no backing out – and that’s a good thing.

get your unique entry number to include in your film

you’ll immediately receive an email explaining how to set up your entry portal for use throughout the competition.
this guides you through the  rules and is how you get your all-important “entry number” which you must include visually in the film. that’s essential.  it’s how we know the film was made for this year’s edition.
you now have everything you need to start right away, no matter where you are in the world.

idea, idea, idea. get your idea together

in KFF you make the film you want to make. no prompts, themes, genres, or random mandates. some people have their idea before they enter. either way, ask yourself: what do you want to say? what do you want make an audience think and feel? what can you achieve in a little over 3 minutes of storytelling?

now plan your shoot

now source everything you need to turn your idea into on screen magic:
your cast, your crew, your location, your props, your catering… not forgetting your camera and we recommend a new roll of *super 8 * film which you can buy from us, or from elsewhere.
Why super 8. it’s drastically more affordable than other film making formats, and we want you to possibly profit from this venture if you win top prizes.


shoot while you create your take on pure cinema

you make your entire film by shooting kuleshov’s film making techniques on  one roll of super 8. and it doesn’t record sound – so that comes later.
plan for your film to work in about 3 minutes 15 seconds or less. that’s how much one cartridge of super 8 will safely allow you (if you scan at 18 frames per second). and when you reach the end of the cartridge, your visuals are done! make sure to express an understanding of mise-en-scene and other advance film making techniques. demonstrating an understanding of cinematic lighting, production design, and film-language will only help your cause. and please make an attempt an a simple narrative. that is going to help you drastically!

process your film - submit it the KFF jurors for review

you send your finished film to the FCA for processing & review. it must arrive to us in richmond, va by the film delivery deadline you select when you enter.
you use your KFF entry portal to organise and track this. and that’s the last you’ll see of your film for now.

sit back and relax

you did it! well done!! now wait and find out if your film is selected.
if it makes our selections you will see it with the world watching at the same time as you.
this means our pre-selectors loved it, then we included it in our top 25 selection from which our jury selects the top 10 selections.
and even if your film is not selected, it’s not the end of the world. the standard is so high now that some films that didn’t make our selections have gone on to make into other film festivals up against films that have been made the traditional ways.
plus we offer feedback if you want it. let us know if you know any other festivals or competitions that offer that! and if you did get selected there are prizes too but the main one is the understanding making pure cinema.

ready to enter? choose your delivery deadline below and the KFF now!

more questions? see more info on dates, prizes, jury and more by scrolling down this page, and see our faq’s. see the KFF 2023 rules – here

we’ve been open for entries to KFF 2023 since our 2022 premiere last march. make sure you’re on our mailing list / following us on socials to be the first to hear when we launch new competitions, announce winners and premieres!

if you want to join in 2023 you still can! click the khaki button…

jan 1 is the last date your film can arrive at the FCA

no refunds are given

jan 1st deadline is the final KFF 2023 deadline

it’s uniquely exciting for the audience and nerve-racking thrilling for the filmmakers

our KFF 2023 premiere will take place on a saturday night 22nd march online, by global live stream 

screening details to follow – join our mailing list and follow our socials to hear first


a small selection of amazing KFF films – see more collections on our films page


The first film I ever shot was on Super 8 and the magic has never diminished for me. the tactile nature, the simple cameras, the visual imperfections, the limited runtime make it my favourite format to shoot with.

Mark Jenkin

BAFTA for outstanding british debut, writer/director of BAIT, and STRAIGHT 8 jury member
  • by january 2023 – results announced
  • 22nd feburary 2023 – premiere of top 20 on livestream is made public – make sure you have you webcam ready.
  • 15th march 2023 – top 5 winners are announced
  • by end march 2023 – all entrants’ prizes are processed & delivered
what's included / excluded

your entry fee includes and contributes to:

  • contribution toward the prize purse
  • competition entry
  • competition management
  • us putting on a great premiere for successful filmmakers
  • perhaps the most unique film-making experience money can’t buy – you also need talent, ideas, can-do attitude and a bit of magic

your entry fee excludes:

  • your roll of super 8 film, which you buy yourself and which must be analogue film
  • processing
  • scanning
  • everything else you need to make your film
  • your travel to premieres if selected and they happen in the real world
  • reimbursement if you don’t get enough out of it. many filmmakers contact us after the shoot alone and tell us that no matter what happens with their film, they got a ton of experience and found it difficult-hard but amazing

we never have individual winners. the best 5 films entered in the KFF each year are all winners. the main prize is a share of the submission fee collected from all entries, we announce the winners on of our live streams. it’s a feeling you won’t easily forget. there’s also a showcase of the top 20 films.

who's entering the KFF
    • look at the map on this page, and that’s just this year’s entrants since we opened
    • we’ve lost count but over 2500 straight 8 films have been made by all sorts of people since 1999
    • anyone anywhere can enter straight 8. the more diverse the people and their stories, the better
    • find out more about who’s ever entered straight 8 here *

    “i found the whole experience of making a straight 8 to be a wonderfully testing exercise in filmmaking – not just in terms of shooting, but also in writing. sure, there are a lot of constraints, but those are easily outweighed by the freedoms you can really enjoy. it’s basically a crash course of the craft in its purest form.” nikolai brokolovsky, director: ‘dawn’. straight 8 2021

    “thank you for the chance to be involved in straight 8 2019. it was a lot of fun and has given me a big confidence boost in writing and directing my own projects outside of my ‘day job’ as a producer.” rachel ramsay, director: ‘venus’. straight 8 2019*

    ” i feel as if straight 8 really embodies everything i love about filmmaking.” ollie birt, director: ‘rumours’. straight 8 2019. see the local news story on him from his hometown in aus: here

  • we used to send films around the world. it wasn’t very green and caused delays. now you can enter, get your entry number and start shooting because you source your own super 8 cartridge – in fact you may already have a roll
  • there are loads of outlets around the world – see our film outlets page for more info or buy direct from us here
  • you must shoot on super 8 colour negative only. there are only 4 kinds
  • check out our fantastic 2021 jury.
  • they decide the 8-film straight 8 2022 selection from our shortlist of around 20-25 entries.
  • 2022 jury line-up to be announced soon.
get inspired
  • watch tons of amazing straight 8’s on our films page
  • see how some straight 8 films were made on our making-ofs page
  • check out even more films on our vimeo channel
  • get inspired by watching our 2021 showcase for free here

a massive shoutout to cinelab film & digital for supporting KFF since 2016

nearly every single KFF film since then has been processed by them. literally – your films share a warm bath with some of the world’s biggest feature films

so if you’re looking for best in class film processing for your projects, don’t forget they also process and scan 16mm, 35mm and even 65mm… and now they have full digital capability too from on-set through the entire workflow. oh – and best of all: they’re top people

order your film

If you need assistance on shooting film and where to find processing service, we will be communicating that information on our facebook page. Please check our facebook group (Oh Yeah! Film Club) for updates or email us.