Putting Independent
Filmmakers First!

The Film Club of America is a non-profit organization. We help narrative filmmakers find resources and training to make their movies. We need your help to make our programs better. You can help by donating, because when you donate your funds help filmmakers like you. Explore our site to find out more.

Our mission is to support narrative filmmakers by helping them create a livelihood by exploiting intellectual property rights. The FCA’s values are based upon five tenants which define how we grade quality filmmaking.


Highest Dedication
to Filmmakers

The current ecosystem of narrative filmmaking neglects the individual tales of our cultural inner workings. The FCA wants to fill that void. The programs we offer help storytellers explore techniques and find their voice. We also assist filmmakers in completing their projects.

We develop best-practices, technology, and eco-system improvements to avoid snares that prevent ingenuity. Lastly, preserving great works of art is a major focus. We aim to establish a comprehensive library of nation’s greatest works.

Our Products


Explore our shop. Find products which express our ideas and assist you in expressing yours. We have Kodak Motion Picture stock at rock bottom prices. We do this so you can pay less to make art. The Film Club loses money every time you order film stock. So, please consider giving back.

photo credit: William Rouse
Photo By Jakob Owens

The Film Club of America strives to teach our filmmakers to own their work with a high degree integrity, while focusing on developing their skills in order to advance the artform.


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