The Film Club of America currently offers assistance in these program areas to all independent film makers whom require assistance. If do not know if you need assistance, or if we can help you-  contact us immediately. We’ll help you navigate our club offerings.

How our programs are funded

Remember all programs depend, heavily on donations from our community. Program funding is dispersed each year based on how much our members respond to the programs and how much our community donates. So, give generously. Also, spread the word about this arts organization, diligently. The easiest way to donate is shopping via AmazonSmile.

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This program enables filmmakers to earn recognition, certification, badges and awards for achieving specific tasks in their career. The goal is to enable the filmmaker to gain on-the-job experience within the craft.

The Film Club of America offers 1st & 2nd time filmmakers grants to complete their narrative films. The application is only open to members whom have completed other Film Club programs.

The youth film camp series is an initiative to provide a STEAM bases curriculum for students (k-12). This enables county/city school boards to provide extracurricular coursework in the arts & sciences during school year.

Screenshot is a educational research series that offers critique to modern works of film making. FCA analyzes projects to discover best practices and then disseminates that information amongst our members.

The Film Club of America maintains a list of notable films which have impacted, depicted, or influenced the American public. These films must have added value and perspective to moments in American culture and/or history.

These films do not have to be a work of non-fiction to qualify. Yet, the production must’ve been made independently from major motion picture studio financing.

The Raconteur Awards offer recognition to the best works in independent film making per year. Applications are reviewed by our members.

A quarterly training series, which provides hands-on experience to filmmakers nationwide. These labs are to train members in best practices, in an effort to reduce risks while photographing motion picture content.

A scripting writing workshop which assists writers in completing a draft of their narrative screenplay. Participants explore their creative decisions, well receiving insights on the best methods to navigate their plots & characters.

A workshop series that explores best practices for delivering narrative film content; from acquiring intellectual property rights to maintaining a healthy balance sheet throughout your movie’s life cycle.

An assignment sheet for directors and motion picture producers to learn and master the craft of narrative film making.

Work is then screened and showcases, so that artist may receive focused feedback for their work.

Cost efficient service to receive feedback for your screenplays. This service is maintained and operated by our members.

A platform to help motivate filmmakers to make narrative film content. This festival focuses on mastering the basics of film grammar, and participants are graded in 3 stages of their understanding of the craft; ranging from amateur, professional, and auteur.

This is a organizational initiative helps to reduce the cost of narrative film making by offering competitive pricing for products and services to the marketplace.

Grant money for engineers/inventors who may need financing to complete projects which advance the technology of the motion picture format.